IN Christ (Ephesians) #2: Alive in Christ

Paul describes the “Walking Dead” – people who are dead in their sins! And gives us the way to be fully alive in this world!! Here’s where the “In Christ” thing really makes a difference!! To listen to the message press the earphone icon or follow the video icon to watch the whole service on […]

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Best Year Ever #2

Welcome to 2021. Last year has been called a “bin-fire”. How we do we position ourselves to make 2021 the Best Year Ever regardless of what happens around us? To listen/download the sermon audio, click the headphones icon. To watch the whole service, click on the youtube link. Enjoy!    

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More Like Jesus #3 Celebration

Jesus loves a good Celebration!! If “those who say they live in God should live their lives like Jesus did” (1 John 1:6) then we’d better celebrate too!! How good is that?! How did Jesus celebrate? And what? And how can we celebrate in a way that helps us become MORE LIKE JESUS? We have […]

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More Like Jesus #2: Silence & Solitude

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places to pray. He knew how crucial it is to stop and rest, to get away from the crazy and connect with his Father. Sometimes he said “No!” to crowds, to opportunities, to popularity – even once to a request for deliverance…so that he could get away from it all! […]

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More Like Jesus #1

God wants all of us children to become more like Jesus…it is our life goal! John gave us the key: “Those who say they live in God should live their lives like Jesus did” (1 John 2:6). We can become more like Jesus by adopting the same habits that Jesus practiced… the practices that will […]

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