Our Values

We Value…..


It is our priority to go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey all the commands Jesus has given us.  This includes showing Jesus love through practical acts of service


We are all about making and being disciples (followers) of Jesus.

This involves:

  • Participation in Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s)
  • Personal and group prayer
  • Personal and public bible reading and study
  • Providing a good example for others


Individually: We value worship as a lifestyle everyday, expressing the worth of God in all we do.

Together: We rejoice in our celebrations when we meet together, expressing our worth for God using relevant forms and seeking God’s inspiration for our meetings.

Supernatural Acts of the Holy Spirit

We embrace the freedom, flow and power of the Holy Spirit.  This involves expecting and anticipating signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Integrity

We willingly challenge ourselves and each other towards greater levels of authentic holiness and obedience to Jesus.  This means we strive to live our lives the same when we are ‘at church’ and in the wider community

Loving People

Loving people means respecting and honouring people and appreciating their differences.  This includes welcoming and caring for all people well, regardless of nationality, gender, age, socioeconomic status, religion, ability or morality.

Participation and Serving

We value serving each other and the wider community, harnessing the power of working together.  This involves encouraging every person to participate and serve according to their abilities and leads to a sense of belonging, then community.


We are generous with our time, talents and treasure.


We believe in equipping people of all ages, helping each of us to identify and develop our God-given talents.  This involves serving in teams, sharing knowledge, training, equipping and encouraging others.


We love hanging out together, eating together, having fun and enjoying each others company.

Wise Management of Resources

We value good organisation and wise use of the resources God has given us.  These resources include people, time, money, property, belongings and reputation.


We value innovation, trying new things and creative expression.  We are ready to learn if these things don’t work.