Grace for Women

Grace for Women
Grace for Women – fearfully & wonderfully made
– Based on Psalm 139
Our Vision is to see Women grow in faith, connecting together, encourage each other, being empowered and to see Women grow in their gift and talents all for the Kingdom of God.Grace for Women wants to support a Mission Field in the Riverland Area by making up care/Love packs for other women in need.   We will have the opportunity available for any donations to go towards this need.
Available at the events but you can also put into church offering marked “Grace for Women”.Grace for Women want to reach and connect with other Women from churches as well as our boarder community by Loving God, loving people connecting the two. Our dream and Vision would be to hold a Grace Women Conference in the future:
In saying this we are going to set 1 event each Term to start with as well as joining “Refresh” event in Mildura: Women’s Conference during this year. (August)If you want to help in any way please let one of us know.

*Bless another Woman in some way during this week: smile, gift, text, phone call, lunch, coffee, flowers, a card or even pray for them or make a meal.  Be creative, You are all Women!  Connect with another Woman!
Since this has been in the pipeline my goal is to make sure I Bless another woman in the week.
It is amazing what God has been doing in that!
Opportunities to pray for women, talk about God and forgiveness, just to do a kind and caring act to love someone else which in turn has opened the window, you may not seen anything happen straight away but a seed has been sown.
  But it is about Blessing another Woman!
God Bless you
Grace Women’s Team: 
Ena, Louise, Meika & Carolyn
For more information please email Carolyn at: