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Other Messages

Sunday 8th May 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 24th April 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield – Easter Sunday

Friday 22nd April 2011 – Good Friday Message

Sunday 10th April 2011 – Ps David Crossfield – Finding Your Spiritual Gifts: The 1 Corinthians 12 Gifts – Attachment for this Sermon please click here

Sunday 3rd April 2011 – Ps David Crossfied – Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Part 2: The Romans 12 Gifts – Attachment forthis Sermon please click here

Sunday 20th March 2011 – Neil Cooper

Sunday 13th March 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 6th March 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 27th February 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 20th February 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 13th February 2011 – Ps David Crossfield (There is none like it…Bring it to Me.) – To see people responding to the Challenge of God in this message….Click Here.

Sunday 6th February 2011 – Michael Taylor

Sunday 30th January 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield (Turn up the Heat)

Sunday 23rd January 2011 – Ps David Crossfield (What’s it Worth?)

Sunday 16th January 2011 – Neil Cooper

Sunday 9th January 2011 – Michelle Campbell

Sunday 2nd January 2011 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 26th December 2010 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 19th December 2010 – Ps David Crossfield (The Night Was Not Silent!)

Sunday 12th December 2010 – Ps David Crossfield (Honey……Guess What?)

Sunday 5th December 2010 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 28th November 2010 – Ps Joella Crossfield

Sunday 21st November 2010 – Ps Tim Jack (National Apostolic Leader)

NCD Series

Sunday 31st October 2010 – NCD Part 1 – Ps David Crossfield

Sunday 7th November 2010 – NCD Part 2 – Ps David Crossfield

Sunday 14th November 2010 – NCD Part 3 – Ps David Crossfield

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Stuck in the Slow Lane

Ever feel stuck? Left waiting? Things don’t always go how we’d like. We want it now! And we can get frustrated by delays and anxious when we don’t know what is happening! But we have a Father God who is mighty, who knows! His timing is just right! How are we supposed to wait? (Psalm […]

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Building Together 2019

As we begin 2019, we have much to look forward to – the possibility of a new premises! Even more important is the continued development of the church as we nail the passions and desires of our sinful nature to Jesus’ cross and crucify them there and then learn to live by the Spirit, following […]

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Entering God’s Rest

What does it mean that Jesus’ yoke is easy & His burdon is light? What is “God’s rest” that the author of the letter to the Hebrews writes about in Hebrews 4? As we prepare for a New Year, David unpacks some characteristics about “God’s rest” to take into 2019.

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All Welcome – Part 3

Who does God invite to meet Jesus after his birth? Is there anyone he doesn’t welcome? David Crossfield explores this, and the answers may surprise you! And what should we do as a response?   Luke 2:8-16, Matthew 2:1-16

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Open the Door

When Jesus went home to Nazareth, the people wanted to push him over a cliff for what he said! What was it that was so offensive? What does it show us about Jesus? How will we follow him in swinging open the doors of the kingdom to those who are…well, other?

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