David & Joella Crossfield have been Senior Ministers at Riverland Central Christian Church since 2007. They are committed to spreading the good news about Jesus through the Riverland. Their passion and drive is seeing people connect with God. Under their leadership Riverland Central has continued to grow into a healthy, energetic and contemporary church!

Joella and David are known throughout the Riverland as wise, safe and caring leaders, who value kindness, good communication and great relationships.

“We believe that life is a gift from God. We were put on this earth for a purpose. When we join with God and the local church, we voluntarily give our lives to God for his glory.”

David has strong pastoral and team focuses in his leadership, and has been blessed by God with the ability to minister in supernatural healing.

In addition, David is a clinical social worker and has worked in government agencies providing counselling & therapy services for children & families. He loves being with his family, riding anything with two wheels, playing guitar, exercising, and watching movies.

Joella loves preaching and teaching, hanging out with God by the river and spending time one-on-one helping people to know Jesus. She also works in the local library, runs for exercise and enjoys cooking, gardening & reading.

David and Joella have been married since 1999 and have 2 fabulous children.