David Crossfield

David has strong pastoral and team focuses in his leadership, and has been blessed by God with the ability to...

Joella Crossfield

Joella loves preaching and teaching, hanging out with God by the river and spending time one-on-one helping people to know...

Neil Cooper

Neil provides wonderful support for David and Joella through a range of roles including administration, preaching, service leading and pastoral...

Sue Kalisch

Sue leads our hospitality team providing tea, coffee and morning tea after Sunday services.

Chris Campbell

Chris leads our business management team and manages the church finances.

David Crossfield

David leads the prayer team activities such as after service prayer, Sunday night meeting, prayer days and our prayer chain.

Emma & Jason Gwiazda

Emma and Jason lead our dedicated muscians and singers.  They coordinate the regular worship team practices and introduce us to...

Darryl Wilksch

Darryl heads up the Sound and Media team, supporting our Sunday service team.

Samuel Taylor

Samuel provides technical support to the media and administration teams.

Ashleigh Cooper

Ashleigh coordinates the weekly cleaning of the church with his dedicated team.  He also ensures everything is working and maintained.

Josphat Mwangi & Maggy Kimani

Josphat, Maggy and their team will greet you every Sunday morning with a smile and a handshake.  If you need...