First Visit?

First Visit?

We love having guests! No matter where you are from, you’re welcome. We want you to enjoy your visit, meet some new friends and connect with God. Here’s everything you need to know!

When & Where

Our Church meets every Sunday at 10 am at 11 Mortimer Road Berri.


There is a carpark at the front of the building. If it is full, please park on the street nearby.

There are several entrances at the front of the building. Look for our hosts at the entrance door.


We love having children in church services!

Don’t worry if your littlies make some noise or move about – we can cope!

We run Kidz Church during school terms for primary school aged kids. The hosts at the door will show you where you can complete a registration form and sign your children in.
If your child is nervous, you can join them in Kidz Church until they are settled in.

All of our Kids Church team members are specially selected, trained and police checked. We use the Child Safe System for training and equipping our volunteers to keep your children safe.  For more information on Child Safe, please CLICK HERE.

Where to sit?

There is no allocated seating in our church. Just sit wherever you feel comfortable. As well as our auditorium we have an overflow room where some parents choose to sit with their toddlers and babies. You can see the service on a screen and hear what is going on. There are also toys and space for children to play.

What happens in the Church service?

Services at Riverland Central are casual, fun, contemporary and suited to all ages.

There is usually 20-25min of modern music. Some of the music is upbeat and some is slow. People may clap, dance or raise their hands. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you choose.

Several times a month we take communion together. This is a time to reflect on what Jesus has done for us. If you love Jesus, then feel free to take communion. We stay in our seats to take it.
If you’re not sure, it is fine not to take it.

We will also receive an offering. Someone will usually talk about giving and being generous. Our bank account details will appear on the screen if you wish to give electronically. There are also Giving Stations on the walls in the auditorium and overflow room. This time of giving is for people who belong to the church. You are welcome to give if you want to, but there is certainly no expectation for you to do so.

Someone will speak for approximately 30 minutes and sometimes there will be an opportunity to respond to the message or have someone pray with you if you’d like that.

The service usually finishes about 11.30.


Please feel very welcome to stay around after the service ends for a coffee or tea. There is usually cake or biscuits. This is all provided by people in the church and there is no charge.

What to Wear

There is no dress code in our church. Some people dress up, some don’t. Either way is fine, and most people dress neat casual.

The building is airconditioned and heated.


Follow the signs to find the toilets or ask one of our friendly hosts to direct you.

A baby change table is available.