We love kids! We love Their energy! Their creativity! Their questions! Their fun! They’re not just our future, they’re our Now!

During term time*, we run a Kids program during part of the service.

Children aged 4 years to year 7 are invited to our Kids Church room partway through the service. They play games, have snacks, and engage in a variety of age-appropriate activities aimed at helping them learn to know and love God and people. They might hear a Bible story, watch a short DVD clip, do a craft activity, watch an object lesson, listen to a short talk, engage in discussion, make something, paint, draw, build or learn a memory verse. Every week is different. They always have fun!

All children must be registered before their first time in Kids Church and signed in and out each week.

Our Kids Church team are all Childsafe trained and have satisfactory Police Clearances.

For more information about Kids Church at Riverland Central contact: Joella

We use the Childsafe Management Program  

*Please note: scheduling of the kids program depends on the availability of the wonderful volunteers.