Get Involved

Get Involved

Want to Get Involved?

It’s been great to have you as our guest, but now it’s time to get involved and become part of the family?
That’s Wonderful!

Here’s How:

Plan to be at our Sunday meeting Every Weekend.
The more often you come the more quickly you’ll meet people and the quicker you’ll get that fabulous sense of belonging! Also, you’ll hear news about what’s going on and other opportunities to connect. AND you’ll be learning to know Jesus better too!

Join an Equip Group to Grow!
We offer Equip groups of various kinds at different times. They’re all designed to help you grow as a follower of Jesus and to live the life God has designed you for.
Have a look here to find out what’s on or what’s coming up.
Or to Accelerate your Spiritual Growth join a Life Transformation Group. Click here for more.

Start Helping out at Church
If you’ve enjoyed your church experience it is because a whole lot of people are serving together to make it happen! You can join in because in a family everyone helps!

Even if you’re brand new to church you can help out with things like welcoming people at the door, serving coffee, providing morning tea, helping with dishes and preparing the building through the week.
Fill out the form below to volunteer: