Sermons by Joella Crossfield

Shredder Sunday

There are weights that slow us down and sin that trips us up….but this life is a marathon so let’s get fixed on Jesus! Let’s get rid of the junk! It’s time to shred it by God’s grace and live free!!

Pray Like This: The Lord’s Prayer #5 Our Daily Bread

“Give us this day our Daily Bread” Heads up: It’s not just about bread – not just the white sliced stuff!! This is a totally radical way to pray that brings us to a new level of trust and worry-free living! Click the headphones icon to listen to the message and the video icon to watch the whole service on youtube.

SA lockdown: God’s still got us!

This was the week we couldn’t leave our homes! So check out this online service. There’s Worship, Samuel & Erin’s testimony and a reminder that we can throw our worries to God! Find it here!

Sons & Daughters….or Orphans #2: I Will Come To You

Ever felt all alone? Wonder if anyone really cares? Today is Pentecost and it’s time to remember we are never alone! Encounter the power of God as he moves into you!! To listen to the message, tap the headphones or to watch the whole service head over to our Youtube Channel!
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