Who you trying to Impress?

“What if she thinks I’m stupid?” “What if he thinks I look dumb?” Too often we allow our lives to be ruled by our concerns for what others think! Paul wrote to the church in Galatia “Obviously I’m not trying to win the approval of people, but of God!” Ps Joella comes clean with her […]

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Grace: Much more than Forgiveness Part 4

If only we could all have great healthy loving relationships, right? There would be so much less misery in the world! Yet again and again we hear of broken marriages, damaged friendships, disjointed families, siblings who never speak. What if God’s Grace empowered our relationships? What if the same grace that means we don’t get […]

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Big Hearts Wanted!

Where we are going, we will need Big Hearts to embrace all who God wants to show his Love! You can’t expand what is hard! You can expand a balloon with your breathe – you can’t expand a glass bottle without first softening it! So how can we tell if our hearts are hard? And […]

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Live Generous – Week 2

God is extravagantly generous! And so are his people! You may have heard of giving a Tithe (literally 10%) to God. This is based on an Old Testament Jewish law and an much older & enduring principle! We aren’t bound by law but by grace! God’s grace in us overflows in generosity to others! We […]

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Live Generous – Week 1

I took them some tomato relish, they gave me 2 baskets of apples. I took them apple cake and muffins, they gave me a massive jar of Olives. “These people are like God!” I said,”I just won’t be able to outgive them!!” Surely our God is generous to the extreme! He Lavished he love on […]

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All Over Bar the Shouting

Why did they shout BEFORE the walls fell down? Why did Gideon’s men shout BEFORE they charged into the Midianite camp? Why did the Israelites shout with victory when David had killed Goliath but a whole army still stood before them! We can use our shouting to tear people down or to praise God and […]

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