Safety & Faith

In Part 5 of our Joshua series, David focuses further on the Rahab story. What is the significance of the “scarlet rope” Rahab had to hang from her window? And what does it mean that the spies brought back a positive report to Joshua? And what does this all have to do with Courage?

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A Place of Rest

The 2 1/2 tribes of Israelites had already entered their place of rest, BUT here they are called on to lead the other 9 1/2 tribes into their place of rest! God calls us into Spiritual Rest! Here are 4 keys to enter that rest…so we can then lead others to rest in (and peace […]

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Joshua – Part 2

Being courageous isn’t just about “manning up” or trying harder. If the core of our courage is merely human strength and wisdom, it’s pretty weak. God shows Joshua what to base his courage on – and we can build ours on the same strong core!

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Joshua – Part 1

David Crossfield introduces a new preaching series focused on the first 6 chapters of the Old Testament book of Joshua. Starting with Joshua 1:1-2, we learn about 3 areas in our lives where God wants to grace us with courage.

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Stuck in the Slow Lane

Ever feel stuck? Left waiting? Things don’t always go how we’d like. We want it now! And we can get frustrated by delays and anxious when we don’t know what is happening! But we have a Father God who is mighty, who knows! His timing is just right! How are we supposed to wait? (Psalm […]

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