We’re part of ACTS Global Churches

We’re part of ACTS Global Churches

AGC RGB BlueCyanWe are part of Acts Global Churches (formerly Apostolic Church Australia).

Acts Global Churches came into being as a result of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Wales in the early years of the twentieth century. The Lord raised up a group of people who shared a common experience of God’s saving power and were empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve Jesus Christ. They also saw in the Scriptures a biblical pattern of leadership and government designed to equip all God’s people for service and ministry.

The first generation of members was intent on mission and took every opportunity to communicate a life-changing message. By the late 1920s the Apostolic Church had been planted in Australia and began with series of crusade meetings in each of our state capitals, with significant demonstrations of the power of God to heal.

A church with its beginnings so identified with a sovereign move of God is well placed celebrate the elements of its heritage. The Acts Global Churches remains unashamedly biblical, pentecostal and missions-oriented.

For more information please visit https://actsglobal.church/