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Welcome to Riverland Central Church!

We exist to Love God, Love People and Connect the Two!

In this season we need to experience God's love.
We need to experience the love of others.
We need to stay connected with both!
Come join us

Most of our connections and as-it-happens updates will happen from our Facebook Page. Please note you don't have to be a signed up Facebook user to view the page!
Join us each evening at 7.30pm for a short prayer meeting. You can add your prayers or prayer requests in the comments section or text them at any time of day to 0491707927.
Sunday meetings will livestream from 10am - you're welcome to join us. All the links will be up on Facebook prior and also texted out to people on our contact list. Get in touch to be added to the list! (call or text 0491707927).

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