Life Transformation Groups (LTG)

Life Transformation Groups (LTG)

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Life Transformation Groups

Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) are how we do small groups. They are fabulous for developing friendships and growing as disciples of Jesus!

LTGs are groups of two or three people of the same gender.  They meet for an hour or so every week at a time and place that suits the group.

There are just three things the group does:


  1. Everyone shares what they have heard from God in the 15-30 chapters of Scripture we agreed to read together over the past week and how they obeyed.
  2. We ask each other character conversation questions. Each person celebrates their growth and confesses their failures. We remind each other about how good God’s grace is! The good news is that what Jesus did, means we can be forgiven!
  3. We talk about how we’ve been praying for our friends who need to know Jesus and how they can become part of our community.

LTGs are simple, but they take courage. LTGs are for people who love Jesus and seriously want to move forward in following him, in faith and joyful obedience.

To join a group:

Print off the flier below or pick one up at church on a Sunday

Read it through and decide whether you’re serious about following Jesus, being honest with some friends and growing!

Ask one of the leaders or regulars at church if you can join their group – that’s it!

LTG Flier

LTG Bookmark (Character Questions & Prayer Guide)